Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Handmade Fair in Winchester on 4th of July was great fun, and we had so many nice comments from fellow stall-holders and visitors alike. Definitely something we'd like to do again - thanks Alice & team!!

After a short delay, we now have stuff for sale at

Please visit our store listings will get added every few days.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

so then...1st blog....let's start by telling you a bit about life in Flora's Hen House

The hard work is done by Fiona, ably supported with additional funky new products & inspirations by daughters Lucy & Anna.

Flora's Hen House products are inspired by nature and meticulously created.
If we make a felt companion like the lavender-filled songbird above, the fleece is washed, carded and felted all by hand.

Our Hen doorstops are all genuinely unique, made from vintage fabrics so that no two are quite the same.

Our Bandit Bunnies feature hand-spun wool, which is then hand-knitted and felted before we conceal their identities with a mask!

The 'Corkeys' (Lucy's creation!) are individually crocheted and assigned names once they are complete!

We'll be populating our etsy store over the next few weeks, and appearing at Handm@de Winchester on 4th July (hotdogs & apple pie optional). But if you just cant wait to buy something, or ask us a question, then email us